GNP Co started from a home kitchen just a few years ago, researching & developing pies then selling at local farmers markets. We began with the pastry deciding on an all butter recipe for better flavour, keeping it really thin to keep the pies crisp & light. We wanted the pies to have straight sides like the traditional scotch pies we grew up eating, so we commissioned some custom made pie tins to be made.

We then focused on the fillings, buying the best quality ingredients, & working with producers from around the North West, promoting them along the way. We worked on “classic pie” recipes trying to make really good versions of these, as well as trying a few different ideas not normally linked with pies. We enjoyed changing the menus & flavours, playing about with different ideas & using different ingredients. This is something we still do, keeping it interesting for us in the kitchen & for our customers.

We had good feedback early on for the pies & were awarded “north west fine food producer of the year” in a competition judged by Nigel Haworth. This was a turning point for the business & we moved from our home into our new bakery. We have gone on to win 9 categories at the British Pie Awards, as well as winning the overall competition & being the named the best small producer. Over the last few years we have been asked to judge at the awards, & most recently, listed as a finalist in the BBC Radio 4 food & farming awards.

We’ve never had ambitions to be one of the biggest pie companies, and this is still the case. We just want to take something simple and create a real quality version of it, hoping people enjoy what we do.